Judge Not Lest We Be Judged… Part Deux

 The world moves in mysterious ways…. I bought a zippo lighter with “Judge not lest we be judged” engraved on it for my friend who had just become a judge at the time. I gave it to him at a dinner party to celebrate this event and to my utter shock he had stopped smoking

Life is all about practice…

20,000 hours of practice makes an expert according to studies, this means we should be experts at life by 2.283 years of age. Don’t you just love that? And when you think about it at around 2 years old toddlers are living very much in the present and are untainted by expectations that the culture

Keep Digging That Hole….

Keeping a check on ourselves when we communicate with others is pretty important I feel, what we put out there contributes to how we view and value ourselves. The more our actions match our words, the more we are valuing ourselves and projecting an energy of self-respect. When we don’t speak the truth or our

Protection from Disappointment?

I am becoming more aware of how to avoid disappointment… This involves carefully noticing how others behave in relation to invitations, offers of help and support… I have stopped expecting people to be as I am – if I say I’m going to do something I will (exceptions being drastic unforeseen circumstances). Instead I now


Being human is messy, it’s not easy for anyone, we all experience ups and downs, whether they are forced external difficulties and dilemmas or because we are unsure about what or how or when to act, speak out or shut up! How can we make life easier for everyone? Just last week someone asked me

Philanthropy a Reserve of the Rich?

“Love of humanity” Philanthropy appears to be another area that has become commonly associated with money, having money to be philanthropic, to donate or support financially causes that one sees are deserving or aligned with ones own values. I searched ‘philanthropists’ on google, after the obvious wiki definition next up is a list of the

What if?

What if the values you hold dear are usurped by your need to generate income, feed your family, your physical desires or are secondary to achieving status? How do we combat the dehumanisation of what we are exposed to through the media, the way we watch war, destruction and devastation of communities through natural disasters,

Steps to a better life?

I have a bugbear about ‘steps’, ‘frameworks’, ‘essentials’ and ‘one size fits all’ approaches to changing your life/career etc for the better. Part of this stems from my witnessing a friend be a guinea pig for a life coach who then used my friends changes as an example of how her approach works which was

Mindfulness Drop-in Sessions

Starting this Friday lunchtime Urban Woot is hosting a mindfulness drop-in session at lunchtime. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment, regular practice helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours. These sessions provide a taste of mindfulness through simple guided practice in a welcoming and friendly space. Sessions are 40

The Midas Touch

The city is full of opportunities to touch and we avoid it, stigma and moral panic create boundaries and barriers to platonic social touch. We are rammed up against each other on commuter trains, buses and tubes. Swerving out of the way as we launch ourselves through hoards of people on the high street, everything