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How to Genetically Engineer Your New Body

images The recent paradigm-shattering changes coming from physics’ new quantum understanding have changed the way that science perceives the universe and everything we see in it. More recently this dawning awareness has been applied to understanding the human condition and the biological sciences.

I love the possibilities offered by quantum physics and I find great inspiration hanging around the ragged edges of what we know – but if it is a purely academic exercise then it ends up empty. Using human potential as the filter, suddenly you have a means of observing the resultant action of philosophy, and that’s where it gets interesting. It all starts to get a bit Star Wars at that point and let’s face it…. That’s never going to make it less exciting.

So many places to start, but I’ve picked genes. They are the blueprint that literally makes the tissues and organs and cells of your body; they are constantly recreating your physical self, replacing all cells in the body on average every 6 months.

We used to think genes were our master and there was no changing them. You’ve got what you were born with and that’s what you’ll die with. But now that’s all changed and suddenly you can engineer change in your own gene pool.

So I hear you ask, ‘how do I go about this without expensive labs and scientists?’ Well, I will tell you how you could become the master of your own universe.

Paul Wilby

Paul with his wife Dr Fran runs a metamorphic change program for i-evolve. This applies science from the edge of our understanding to deliver change in our bodies, minds and consequently making space for unrestricted spirits and expansive lives. Ranging over the physical body, structure and gravity, toxicity and our personal environment, to the ephemeral emotional self and its top down control of our deepest physiology- the genes. This is an exploration of human potential, to rediscover the parts of ourselves we have neglected under 500 yrs of Descartian sciences’ view, that man is a machine. We are so much more than that……

Paul Wilby is a BSc.(Hons) Biochemistry and Psychology and has been working with health for 15 years. He is a Guild certified Structural Intergrator (Rolfer), and he also works with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, Metabolic Typing™, endocrine (hormone) balancing, emotional release, and applied biophysics (or scientific energy work).

Thursday 13th June 2pm to 4pm


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