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Philanthropy a Reserve of the Rich?

“Love of humanity”

IMG_5183Philanthropy appears to be another area that has become commonly associated with money, having money to be philanthropic, to donate or support financially causes that one sees are deserving or aligned with ones own values. I searched ‘philanthropists’ on google, after the obvious wiki definition next up is a list of the 50 most generous philanthropists as defined by Business Week… Is giving purely associated with money? And, surely it’s all relative? Of course Business Week are kind enough to break down the ¬£$ into percentage of net worth so you can indeed compare who is giving the most in terms of percentage. Don’t get me wrong I wholeheartedly agree with giving, I just feel slightly saddened that we don’t appear to recognise the value of giving as a kindness, giving time, giving space, co-creating with others to share experiences that would alone be meaningless. I would also hate to see a Top 50 of people who give their time, as this then creates a competitive edge to what often is an act of love or kindness which benefits both the person giving/creating and those who receive.

How do you measure giving?

Consider this for one minute – when was the last time you gave your time to someone? Or acted for the benefit of the greater good?

0106_guerilla_hugs_130311_111-300x200How did you feel after?

I can think of times where I feel angry, frustrated and quite needy, these feelings are not associated with me giving time and space or skills or money to others, these feelings are associated with perceptual obstacles that inhibit the freedom to rise above the mundane financial issues. I trust that by contributing positively to others, community and nature opportunities to organically create a different way of being emerge, contributing to alternative ways of sustaining communities, communing with others and nature. To enjoy expressions of kindness, to give, support, collaborate are, in essence, what brings joy to my life. Having stacks of cash would simply enable me to do this without concern for sustainability. Although as I write this (clearly from the top of my head) I wonder whether cash injections also block or create negative conditions that in effect create a hierarchical structure that need not be there? Does money have to be core to what we give? The kindest people I have ever met didn’t give me or others money, they gave time, showed interest, shared conversations and were/are peers. Being grateful for the kindness expressed in life is an important part of enhancing our well being.

The only time you should look down on a person is when you are helping them get up

Jessie Jackson

Pay-it-forward-chart1At the shop we offer our workshops on a pay what you can afford and pay the rest forward in kindness policy, I think this can be extended to a simple PIF (pay it forward) if you don’t have the time but do have the money come in and PIF for someone else to come to our workshops or have a 1-2-1 or donate on the collaborate page. If you do have the time and you like what we do – come in and become a part of the autonomous collective that is Urban Woot, give your time and kindness in our space. Or just go and have tea with a neighbour who lives alone, do something kind for someone else let’s bring philanthropy back to the people!

Philanthropic behaviour starts with you!

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