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The Midas Touch

Midas TouchThe city is full of opportunities to touch and we avoid it, stigma and moral panic create boundaries and barriers to platonic social touch. We are rammed up against each other on commuter trains, buses and tubes. Swerving out of the way as we launch ourselves through hoards of people on the high street, everything is about avoiding. How often do we receive or give touch in our everyday lives? Our social worlds rely less and less on physically sharing a space as we ‘catch up’ with friends through social media, as we grow older opportunities for touch diminish, yet the science shows we need touch in order to thrive and live flourishing lives. This guide to life explores the how, why and benefits of touch for babies, toddlers, young people and throughout adulthood. Are you getting you 12 – 20 second hugs each day? We will propos ways of reconnecting with each other, increasing our own awareness of touch and exploring what happens to us when we respect the needs of the largest organ of ourselves; skin.

print080-apr08-187x300Majella Greene

An intrepid explorer of life in the city and beyond, Majella is a social entrepreneur with a desire to impact positively on others and the environment. The founder of Guerrilla Hugs (offering free hugs in random locations from London Bridge to Moscow) and Urban Woot, she tackles things head-on and has a mission to stop the stigma associated with having ‘needs’. Majella works with individuals, groups, organisations and communities to increase physical, emotional and soul well-being. A positive psychologist, social worker,  behaviour change practitioner, she keeps bees, has an allotment (please feel free to come and dig and grow), has an incredible bunch of friends and family and is permanently grateful for all of these.

4th October 10am to 12pm

Let’s Touch Base!

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